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Introducing the IEC Rebel Series Power System!
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About the Technology

Introducing the IEC Rebel Series Power System

A few words about IEC

Now is the time to think differently about renewable energy

Powered by IEC proprietary technology, the Rebel Class Rooftop power system is truly one of a kind. This hybrid system built around IEC’s patented stator technology produces more power per square inch than traditional generator systems. This is the only home renewable energy system powered by wind, convection currents, and the sun! Designed to replace a home or business’s existing attic vent the Rebel series stands out from the crowd by making use of the convection currents provided by the attic and from the roof itself. The flexible mounting system allows the unit to mount wherever the current vent is located, and mount easily on both inclined and flat roof surfaces. At a height of 36”, the system maintains a low profile to stay within urban codes.

  • 10KW rating

  • Combination Convection, Wind and Solar solution

  • Small footprint

  • Flexible mounting

  • Lowest cost per Watt in the industry

Powering a Better World

IEC is also proud to announce the arrival of the IEC Rebel Power block system. This unique and innovative power storage system offers best in class power storage and management. Designed as 1.5KW blocks, these power storage modules are infinitely expandable to any power storage requirement. Each block is 16”x11”x4” and weighs in at only 43-47lb.

Mount them on the wall, or stack them on a shelf or the floor, these modules are the ideal storage product for any renewable energy system.

  • Infinitely stackable for single locations, community storage projects, commercial applications or any place you need to store power

  • Complete Plug and Play block additions

  • Cloud Monitoring via Smartphone App

  • Off peak grid charging when needed

  • Light Weight and only 16"X11"X4" for an easy fit on any wall, shelf or convenient place

IEC Pre-Order Sale Event

Now is the time to think differently about renewable energy

Call our pre-order line today at (719) 338-1190

Many have thought about reducing or eliminating their electric bill with renewable energy. The biggest problem they have all run into is the cost of both the systems and installation. If you choose solar, you will likely cover your whole roof, or half of your yard. If you choose wind, it will require a huge pole that is typically not allowed in urban areas, and you will need a crane, and an entire crew to install it. To top it off, if you want a storage system to store your excess power, you will pay extra for it.

IEC has solved all of these problems with our new Rebel Series Roof Top Power systems and Rebel Power block storage systems. Our new Roof top hybrid system combines the power of wind, solar, and even convection to ensure that this system will always produce power. Utilizing IEC’s patented power core, this system produces more power per inch than any other system on the market. Not only more efficient than anything currently on the market, the Rebel Series stands alone as the only system that can be installed by a single electrician. No crews, no cranes, just easy reliable power for your home or business.

What’s Included: 

 1 Rebel Series 10Kw Roof Top Generator

 Power generated by wind via top impeller

 Power generated by convection by mounting over the existing roof vent, or any other convection source. Convection ports on the bottom of the impeller also collect convection currents from the roof itself

 Additional power from the PV coated mount covers

 Flexible mounting system can mount on angled or flat roofs with ease

 Extremely small footprint compared to other renewable energy devices. Only 36” diameter and 30-40” standing height

 Conveniently designed to be ladder carried and segment installed on the roof

 20 Year Warranty

 6 Rebel Power storage blocks for 9Kw of total storage

 1.5Kw per blocks

 Cloud monitoring via Smartphone App

 Infinitely plug n play expandable

 Easy wall mount, shelf or floor stacking

 Small, light individual blocks. 16”x11”x4” each and only 43-47lb

 10 Year Warranty, optional 10 year extended

How does the Pre-Order event work? 

 No money up front. Nothing due until your system ships

 Orders will be produced and shipped in the order they were dated on the Pre-Order agreements

 Pre-Order agreements can be obtained by emailing us at preorders@iecgen.com, message our Facebook page, call us at 719-338-1190  or simply fill out our Pre-Order form Below:

 IEC will begin production roughly 30 to 45 days after we have acquired pre-orders for 100 or more systems

 Pre-Order price for the entire system is $15,000. Retail price after pre-order will be $22,000 for the same system

 State and Federal tax and other incentives apply. Federal tax rebate alone is 30% of the total

How does this compare to other renewable systems? 

 Other systems will only give you one power source!

 Other systems will not include power storage, that’s extra

 The cost of crews, heavy equipment and extras is HUGE

 Systems in this class have to be shipped by freight, not by standard UPS or FedEx like the rebel class

 Total installation cost/purchase is generally over $30,000

How long until it pays for itself? 

 The Rebel series system will pay for itself on average in 18-24 months


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